Monday, March 28, 2011

Pancake Party!

It all started with my big sister saying one afternoon, "Tina make some pancakes." And then I got to work. I wanted to make them a little bit more fun, so I added food coloring. I also added bananas to some and chocolate chips to others. I got the idea of adding food coloring to the pancakes from all the other blogs out there :) I love the creative ideas floating around :)

I separated the pancake batter into equal amounts in bowls so I could mix in the color.

So fun! :)        
My sisters a.k.a my taste testers ;)

buttered up pancakes haha

Two happy sisters :)

 Click on the pictures to see them a little bit bigger :) 
Thank you for reading my blog! 
Have a joyful day filled with the love of the Jesus.


  1. Tina this Genious!!!! I wan2 try them! I'm reminded of like dr. seuss books

  2. no wonder kids love you Tina :) u will be such a fun mom someday :)

  3. Wow. I love that first photo! It perfectly captures the quirky deliciousness of the concept.