Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's all about Jesus.

How do I even start a post like this? How do I tell you how much I'm unbelievably excited to go and be with the beautiful orphans? How do I explain to you how everything I ever hoped or wanted is coming true? How do I express to you my complete awe of my Jesus? 

I'm so limited by words, because there are not enough words to tell you of the faithfulness and goodness of my God. Because He is so good He put on flesh and came down for me. He died for me and traded his righteousness for my filth on that cross so that I could be counted RIGHTEOUS before the throne of God! There is no love like the love of God! He died and He rose, He is alive. If He is truly alive and if His word are really the words of God then who am I to not take them completely seriously? That's where the journey began, I started to actually take God at His word.

Scripture that I read and heard hundreds of times before finally captured my heart. And in those moments of when the Holy Spirit would awaken my heart to a certain verse or passage that is when Jesus was beginning this journey of love in me. As His word filled me and continues to fill me I began to see my shortcomings in every area, especially obeying scripture. Scriptures like "what ever you do for the least of these you do it for me," "whoever holds on to their life will lose it but he who loses his life for my sake will gain it," and "to live is Christ and to die is gain" I had ignored ALL my life. But during that time of seeking His face his love made it a reality for me. What I mean by that is that when the love of Jesus became the most beautiful and desirable thing for me that is when those scriptures actually began meaning something to me. When you actually know, like deeply know, that the God of the universe KNOWS you and LOVES you that is when losing your life for Jesus makes sense. When you know this love, of course to live is Christ and to die is gain because either or it all about Jesus. If I live then it is about Jesus and if I die it is about Jesus. Well friends this is what happened to me. I know this LOVE. I've been fighting back tears of joy this entire post but just writing that out, that I know this love, tears came. How good is Jesus that He came for a wretch like me?

Kissing Uganda :)
Anyways so that was what happened first, Jesus captivated me by His love through His word. So what happened next? Holy Spirit spoke to my heart that it's time I act upon the word. And when you know this intimate love of Jesus of course you say YES. Holy Spirit put it on my heart to go to Africa for a while now and love the His children who are orphaned in the world today. The issue was that I had NO idea how I would get there. Being the way I am I started researching on google all sorts of different mission trip organizations in hopes of finding one that I could go with as an individual. Most mission trip organizations are formed from your own local church and so I just didn't know how that would happen. I quickly began to be hopeless and in my hopelessness Jesus showed up. It's funny how when I was no longer doing the work and feeling like I will never get to Africa, just hopeless, Jesus showed me how I'll get there. I can't boast in myself at all, this entire journey is God ordained, and that's why I'm so confident in it, because it's about Jesus not me. So in my hopelessness I opened up a blog that I keep up with and the lady wrote a little about another lady who lives in Uganda and loves Jesus. Her name is Katie Davis and she wrote a book called "Kisses from Katie." So I read some of Katie Davis's blog and felt such a peace in my spirit that I knew I had to go there and be with those orphans that she wrote about. I searched for a way that I could visit and there was a button titled "VISIT." I died a little inside from excitement, I don't know how that happens but it did haha. It lead me to another link, the organization Visiting Orphans page. Tears of joy flooded my eyes, it was a confirmation from Jesus when I read that individuals are completely welcome, that they will add me to a group of a mission trip. That night I texted a few of my close friends and asked them to pray for me because this was becoming a reality.

Couple days later I talked to my best friends and their support and love for me was the biggest encouragement. They prayed over me and stood in agreement with me that this wasn't something I made up in my head but that this is from Jesus.

A month later I sent in my application for the Uganda trip and then it became real. That night that I applied more tears of joy flooded me and my heart was full. I read every blog and watched every youtube video of Africa in general or Uganda. My heart grew some more. Jesus's love in me began to be poured out as I prayed for a people that I love that I have not met. I continue to pray for the orphans and my passion continues to grow. Jesus continues to grow my heart. I feel like I'm about to explode from His overwhelming massive wonderful love. And I know that when my feet finally touch the red dirt of Uganda and I see the beautiful children whom I love so much already, my heart won't contain itself any longer, it will burst.

My trip to Uganda is from July 21st to August 1st and the approximate cost of the trip is $3,400. I know that is a crazy amount of money but what I know even more is that God is faithful and He is good. God is not limited by my bank account, He is God and His will it will come to pass. So I have nothing to worry about because I trust my Jesus and that He provides in every area. The amount covers all transportation, accommodation, food and everything else. If you would like to donate towards my trip then please go to:
2) Press DONATE on the far right
3) For the fund category select "Uganda- July 21, 2012- Waiting List"
4) Fill out the rest of the information and make sure you select "donate to a specific team member" then type in my name, "Tina Sidorko," in the space provided.
fyi, these donations are tax deductible!

Another way you can help is by buying a cute headband from my etsy shop! Just go to:
2) Purchase whatever you like and I'll send it to you!
Some of the headbands for sale on my etsy!

He had Uganda in His plans for my life before I was even a thought in my parent's heads. He isn't surprised by how I can't afford this, He has a plan and a purpose. Would you prayerfully consider donating towards this trip so I can go to Uganda? With every dollar that you give, you are sowing a seed and that is just incredible. I thank you in advance for your generosity!

I'm just one girl who can do nothing on her own, but with the power of God living in me I believe amazing things can be done for His glory and His name as long as we say YES. He is so good. Let's GO BE LOVE.

His LOVE is the reason why I'm going to Uganda.

For His glory,
I want to hug Africa.