Friday, April 1, 2011

Coffee in style!

As many of you already know, I really love my coffee. Not that it has an effect on me any more, I've definitely grown a tolerance to it, but I still drink it A LOT of it nonetheless. The taste, the smell, the color, the warmth, the idea of coffee makes me smile. It is just so right to drink coffee in the morning, afternoon, evening and every waking hour of the day :) (just kidding, kind of)

I rather drink coffee than eat. That is a bold statement I know, and it's not true all the time of course, if I were very hunger then I would choose food, but for the most part, my day to day life, I would choose coffee. P.S. that doesn't mean I can just drink coffee all day and not eat, because let's be real, you got to eat FOOD. ha

The point of my rambling about coffee is to introduce to you the perfect little coffee cozy that I made and adore! I created it because I find myself at coffee shops quite too often (I'm working on decreasing that number by the way) with a cup filled with heavenly goodness, soI was inspired to create a coffee cup sleeve/cozy! It's a good way to recycle (by not using those paper sleeves) and it's a great way to look cute with your coffee! :) win-win.

It's adorable right!? I just love it :)

I do love cute coffee cozies :)

See what I mean by coffee instead of a meal? ;)  
I hope you have a great Jesus day this Friday! (blogging at 1am? what am I becoming) Drink lots of coffee ;)

And happy first day of April!!